A word about the Yiynova MSP19U

Yeihei for once I write a full text post ! Because I think they are some things I need to share and let the world know, sometime I will try to give a few words about interesting software/hardware.

[edited 27 Jan 2013 : I tested and added some softwares to the test-list in the article and will continue as long as I can. If you are working with a software that is not allready listed here, don’t find any clue on the net about compatibility with the yiynova, you can let me know. As long as it have a windows installer and a trial version, I do not mind to run a test :) I currently run win7 64 bits ]

[update 07 June 2013 : added new tested softwares, added some signs for more visibility]


holmes-iconLet’s begin…

Today it’s about something we all dream, it became true : a cintiq alternative. Come on, don’t be shy, we all thought one day “if only I had the money…

I got mine arround one month ago now, it’s called “MSP19U” (not a very sexy name and too much close to the previous device MSP19 that you MUSN’T CONFUSE with !). It comes from a chinese brand, Yiynova and use the same digitizer than Monoprice tablet.

I will not speak about the technical point, Enupnion, Ray Frenden and pc weenies all did a great job at explaining every pro and cons and I agree with them. They show quite everything you need to know about specifications.

Enupnion : Did the very first review of the msp19U and I thank him so much, I bough mine after reading his blog, sadly this article is now broken… but he did a video about it here that is still working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HJydik9dk0

Ray Frenden : http://frenden.tumblr.com/post/38693256477/yiynovamsp19u  (Check is twitter account, he show some piece of work with the Yiynova !)

PC Weenies : http://pcweenies.com/2013/01/12/yiynova-msp19u-tablet-monitor-first-impressions-and-unboxing And a very impressive inking video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf15wyXZvkY  Plus here some drawings on various softwares showing the pressure sensitivity : http://pcweenies.com/2013/01/28/quick-drawing-tests-with-the-yiynova-msp19u/

James Colvin youtube review : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4rGTP4gPZ8

Kosen review with some videos and images as exemples [text write in Spanish] : http://www.stkosen.com/yiynova-msp19u/

J.Renteria video review from amazon : http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A1E1VL7T7VZY38/ref=cm_pdp_rev_title_1?ie=UTF8&sort_by=MostRecentReview#R39UDTODLKINTD

Raph review : http://www.raphkoster.com/2013/03/22/yiynova-msp19u-a-cintiq-alternative/

Kim Lyng Larsen : http://kimlarsen.net/review-of-the-yiynova-msp19u/

Lord Rembo : http://rembo.me/post/56056927814/yiynova-msp19u-tablet-monitor-review

holmes-iconIs it for real ?

Now, if you are there, you probably are wondering “it look too good to be true, is it really good ?” In my opinion : YES, it’s good.

My comparison devices are intuos 3 & 4 from wacom and a cintiq 21ux I could try for a few hours at my previous work.

Until I had tried it for real, I was so nervous and couldn’t believe it either. But at the minute I could make it work I was sold. Yes, it’s hard to believe someone else than wacom could make a screen digitizer working well, but yes, it’s possible.

If you compare it to the intuos 4, you will find you need to press a little more before getting the first pression information. Actually it’s closer to the intuos 3 at the first level of pressure. If you compare it to a cintiq, well, I don’t know about the 22hd and 24d, but the MSP19U is as good as the 21ux. It’s a little smaller and the resolution is only 1440*900, but honestly the screen is great, colors and contrasts are good. I never found it “lack” some resolution, because everything look sharp and define.

The stylus isn’t heavy even with the AAA battery in it. With battery included it’s between 19 – 24 gr (0.67 – 0.85 ounces) depending your battery brand. (For information, intuos 3 stylus are 18 gr/0.63 oz.)

The feeling on the screen is good, if you never draw on a screen, you will need a little adaptation but you will get used to it in a blink of an eye. The screen is full made of glass, it will offer no resistance to your strokes. If you were using an intuos 4 with their special sheet you may find it a little strange, but at least the glass will not get scracthes in time.

With the 19″ size and considering they are no shortcuts on it, the MSP19U isn’t very big nor heavy, that make it really easy to move arround. With a little organisation you can even work with it on your laps, it’s not very heavy and the screen don’t get hot. The bottom is a little warm but nothing big.

What do you want more ? It’s a very good tool, it have no big default that could be a deal break for a large part of people but some point should be ameliorated in the future :

– The first one is the viewing angle : while working on the Yiynova, you have to be right in front of it. It’s okay if you have a good position but a better angle is always apperciated !

– The next point could be the missing tilt option. I do not use it, but I can imagine it will miss for some painter users.

– No shortcut on the Yiynova nor zoom wheel. I’m a keyboard shortcut addict, I never used (or so rarely) those on my intuos, but I can admit it could be nice if Yiynova add them in the future version. A note about the side buttons on the pen : the driver currently do not allow you to map whatever you want on it. But I bet in a near future people will think about it…

holmes-iconOkay, now can it work properly ?

First, there is absolutly no lag with it, whatever program you try it perform very well. Pression work nicely but you may have to adjust some setting to get it, for example with Illustrator.

They are a some softwares that do not work in dual screen (extended screen mode DualScreen) with the MSP19U, like My paint, Toon Boom or OpenCanvas. You may need to setup your desktop in duplicate screen or solo screen (DuplicateScreen) mode to use them properly until they correct the problem with news drivers.  One more thing, this icon says everything work fine with pressure and more : Greenand this one will be used when something is not totally working : Warning

Photoshop-icon Photoshop : DualScreenGreen

I tried Phosothop CS3, CS5 & CS6 version (32 & 64 bits), it’s perfect ! No soleace, no jitter, smooth pressure, very good precision with my drawing line… About line, if your hand shake a little, the line will shake too. The Yiynova is very accurate and do not forgive any mistake. You get what you draw. If you plan on using photoshop to do some inking (you are courageous or masochist :p) you may have to correct a little some part of your line. I mostly use photoshop for texturing and painting, I’m more than satisfied !

artrage Artrage :  DualScreenGreen

I managed for the very first time to create an inked drawing and found it was very pleasant to play with the line ! Again the pressure is very responsive and accurate, you may be a little surprised and need some adaptation time before getting used to it, but the result worth it. Of course, all other brushes work great too.

SketchBookPro.175x175-75 Sketchbook pro 6 : DualScreenGreen(trial mode)

I have to say it’s very interesting to draw in it. It’s a good software I never really used it by the past and now I think I should try it a little longer. Sketchbook give a real “paper” feeling, I think that’s the software where I felt the most closer to traditionnal. Some users had to tweak brushes a little, for me pression worked at first try.

Warning: some users encounter problems with older version, but it seem you can adjust it by setuping the msp19u in  “duplicate screen” (DuplicateScreen) mode instead of “extended desktop” mode. These problems have to be confirmed, I don’t have any older sketchbook version to test sadly…


SketchBookPro.175x175-75 Sketchbook pro 7 : DualScreenGreen

Looks like Sketchbook pro 7 is working fine with the MSP19U, as long as you have an updated version. Thanks a lot to Alexf for sharing this information !


Adobe-Illustrator-icon Illustrator : Green

I didn’t try it, but I see a youtube video with someone drawing in it (here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HPOLaaaYdE). It seem you have to turn pressure recognition “on” in a setting to get it work.

Note : according to “Dan Silverman” (Enupnion) : Pressure sensitivity does work in Illustrator with the Yiynova MSP19U. In Illustrator you have to double click on the calligraphic brush you want to use, set Diameter to Pressure (in the drop down) and then set the Variation for Diameter to something other than 0 pt. So, for example, if you have a 15 pt Diameter, set Pressure and set Variation to something like 10 pt, you get a nice variation in pressure when you draw in Illustrator.

Manga-Studio-FX-4-icon Manga studio 5 :Green

Most of the youtube reviewers use it. It work very nicely with the Yiynova 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4rGTP4gPZ8



Clip Studio Paint : DualScreenGreen

This is Manga Studio, under another name. Both software are stricktly identicals. I currently use this one and definitly recommand it for every digital inker, webcomics creator or soft painter. It’s not as powerfull as photoshop for heavy painting (not the same outrageous editing options) but it have perspective grid, verctorised line, the full version also can manage layout and pages, and more… Try it, love it, use it ! It’s one of the msp19U best friend !


mypaint_logo My paint : DuplicateScreenGreen

I have to apologize here, I first thought it was not working but after trying a couple things, I found that the 32bits version could work with the msp19u if you setup you desktop in “duplicate screen” mode. The 64bits version don’t work as far as I tried.

paint_tool_sai_hi_res_icon_by_snowleopard217-d3kdppmSAI :DuplicateScreen Green

I did not test it but it seems it works if you setup your desktop in duplicate mode, not in extended…

Adobe FlashFlash : Green

I haven’t tested yet, Krishna from pc weenies and some users from youtube comments reported Flash working well with the msp19u. Check on top of the article for pc weenies demonstrations links !

corel_painter_12Corel Painter 12 : DualScreenGreen(trial)

Works fine ! (I find myself like a kid again trying all the tools ahah) Very good pressure sensitivity and responsiveness, a pleasure !

IllustudioIllustudio : Green

Looks like it’s not a very popular software (I found it two days ago and that was the first time I heard about it). I tested it out of curiosity, it’s a japanese software for ink/paint purposes. It works very well but a few brushes are laggy. I don’t know if it’s because the smoothing line take hard on my computer, or because I just took an *arranged* version translated in english by users ? Anyway it’s a nice program for inking and drawing, I try to find an official version to confirm the lag on the brushes.

OpenCanvas5[0](Layer2) OpenCanvas  : DuplicateScreenGreen

Works fine, but you have to setup your desktop in duplicate screen mode. Hope this will be solved in the next drivers release, that would be great for a couple softwares ! 🙂

600px-Calligra_Krita_icon.svgKrita : DuplicateScreenGreen

Update ! With the latest version 2.7, Krita is more stable with the msp19U and know run perfectly, one thing is that sadly do not recognize the msp19u with dual screen, so you need to put it in duplicate screen mode for now. Let’s hope next version will be perfect !

MangaLabo-Logo MangaLabo : DuplicateScreenGreen

Works fine but only in duplicate screen mode. It’s another very nice software you would like, especially if you rely a lot on your line drawing. Lots of options, really loved it !

Just a note because I’m not used to it a lot, so it may be because I didn’t setup if properly : each time I changed something in the parameters (size, opacity, tool) I had to clic into the canvas to make it “active” and to be able to paint in it. That was the only point that was annoying with this software, not a big deal !

inkscape-logo Inkscape : DualScreenGreen

A vectorial and free software, very nice one ! It have it’s own specificity, for example there actualy isn’t pressure sensitivity but a velocity sensitivity. You draw a line with your move and speed. It’s quite strange to use but I admit I’m absolutly not used to vectorial stuff 🙂 With the msp19U it targets the stylus very well and it’s very responsive, no lag, no jitter, it’s okay !

ToonBoom-Logo ToonBoom : DualScreenGreen

It work super fine if you try this tip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R4fAvEyEEA&feature=youtu.be Thanks a lot to Alex Fernandez for sharing his solution !

Another word, shared by alexattoonboomingAlex in the comments, thanks a lot to him for this new !

Just thought I mentioned a post on the toonboom forums by Prodcut manager Lilly Vogelsan regarding the MSP19u,

“Hi there, Just want to put the official word out that there are a number of people successfully using this tablet (yay!) but that we still don’t officially support it yet. I have had several issues reported to me, particularly with dual monitor setups. I am working with Yiynova to start a relationship that will enable us to work with them to fully support it. As soon as I have official news, I’ll let you know!”

Mischief_icon Mischief : DualScreenGreenThanks to Alexattoonbooming to let us know about this software ! It’s a vector program, very close to sketchbook for the drawing feeling and freedom. An amazing software, very light and responsive with full pressure sensitivity, I tried it just right now and loved it ! Check in the comments for Alex opinion about it 🙂

Howler 8 : GreenI should post a review of this software, it’s a good alternative for people looking for a “painter like” software, it have a really really good brush engine and very good renderer for painterly effect like watercolors. The only downside I founded was about inking brush that were a bit odd, but it really worth to try it ! Find it here : http://www.thebest3d.com/howler/8/

holmes-iconWhat about 3D ?

Well, I was thinking about a cintiq alternative mostly for drawing (including concept and textures), but I have to say if you try it for sculpting, you can’t be more satisfied. It was the most strange part to get used to, because you never really sculpt on a flat surface in reality. But at the end it save you a lot of time, help you being more precise and add a lot more audacity in your work. The only point that sometimes can bother you is to get used to the minimal distance the digitizer recognizes the pen position, while you are moving some objects do not forget to raise the stylus a little more than 5 mm !

icon_Zbrush DualScreenGreen Zbrush

Just a dream becoming true, it’s soooo much easier to work with a direct-on-screen drawing than a tablet ! Faster, stronger, just love my new way of doing sculpt !


Same as Zbrush !


I use 3dcoat mainly for texturing, everything was working so far and texturing is much faster and easy now (still 3dcoat was one of those software that help you so much for all kind of steps, now it’s just a killing machine)

I remember seeing 120px-Luxology_Modo_IconGreen

Luxology Modo mentionned as a working software too (Enupnion use it). Never tried it but I plan to give it a shot one day. Lots of people gave me very good feedback about it for environment modelisation and animation.

Blender Blender : DualScreenGreen

I’m absolutly not a blender user but the msp19u works fine with it for the tests I did, move, rotation, even write a comment in the scene was okay and working with pressure sensitivity. However I need to find a texture tutorial to do a real proper test.

icon_Mudbox Mudbox 2013 : DualScreenGreen

Mudbox works fine ! I hadn’t test it for long but so far it’s perfect, good pressure sensitivity, very good accuracy, green !

Maya-logo Maya 2012 : DualScreenWarning

Maya works fine too, I did a quick and basic mod with it, it’s okay !
I tried the paint texture tool inside it to see if the pressure sensitivity was okay, but for some reason, it was working randomly. I don’t know if it comes from the tool itself or not, maya recognize the pressure but on some part of the texture it was not responsive. I just want to let you know that fact, it works perfectly and correctly 90% of the time but when it come to texture tool, you may expect some strange effect.

MARI_logoMari The Foundry : DuplicateScreenGreen

If you don’t know this program, you absolutly should try it ! It’s a photoshop alike for 3D painting. It’s (very) much expensive than 3Dcoat, but you have amazing tools in it ! But sadly Mari do not actually works in dual screen mode. It’s sad because all the interface stuff, navigation, move, rotate and so works perfectly in “normal” mode. Problems start when you try to paint, the cursor seems to be far off on the left.
The only current solution for that is to setup your desktop in one screen mode (aka : duplicate screen) and you can use it fully without issue !


I definitly recommend the Yiynova for student or pro on the budget. Yes, I plan to offer one to my sister and think it’s good for everyone who need an alternative. Wacom have solid reputation and there device last long, but they are so priced they are really difficult to afford for common people. I hope my Yiynova MSP19U will follow me a couple of years but you can’t tell for now. I see no reason why it would die on me, I plan to take a good care of it 😉

Right now with tablet pc running Win 8 a couple more devices can push a little the market. I hope we will see some innovation in the near future, for now we have a nice alternative but some others exist : check Bosto kingtee, P-Active…

For those who are from USA, Pandacity on amazon.com will ship you the Yiynova. For French and Belgium people, you can find it on Amazon.fr with 2 years warranty or cheaper on http://www.ma-tablette-graphique.com/. For UK it’s now on amazon.co.uk For every other European people, looks like they just open a new shop in Netherland that ship everywhere…

For international shipping like Canada, I asked Pandacity and they sent me to one of their reseller (cumorah-enterprises-llc)… you can contac them, they are really nice and helpfull peoples !

holmes-iconA piece of warning…

…about drivers fighting each other. If you previously installed Wacom drivers, you will have to uninstall every piece of it ! The windows uninstall program do not remove it completly, as a result the tablet will act strangely and you will think it’s broken (part of the screen not responding, cursor running freely, lag, no pressure recognition…) You may need to use a tierce software to find everything or use the search tool and manually delete the components. Also, windows sometime can be annoying by trying to install its own drivers. To avoid that, do not plug the Yiynova while installing/removing drivers and always reboot after !

Hope that can help you make a choice !

147 replies to “A word about the Yiynova MSP19U

  1. Big problem I can’t find a msp19u for sale! Amazon(pandacity as supplier) says that none are available. Though it seems that amazon has the msp19 for sale ($499) Maybe they will sell the 19u after they have sold all the 19’s. Do you know where I can get a 19u???

    1. Hey Tim. Yes I saw they hide the msp19u page on amazon.com. I’m not surprised they may had “a lot” of demands and I suppose they want to be sure everything go smooth with these first. 🙂 Pandacity really care about customer service, but I guess they are a few people in there and don’t want to be overtaken. But that’s just a guess..

      They are for sale on amazon.fr but if you don’t live in Europe it’s not interesting for you, it will be extra expensive to get one for USA. The seller give a 2 years warranty but it’s still expensive for USA.

      I got mine from USA by an other seller that ship to international : Cumorah enterprise. Here a link http://www.manta.com/c/mx2szb9/cumorah-enterprises-llc
      PandaCity send me to them, you can try to contact them and see if they have some in stock. 🙂

      And finally for those who live in France and Belgium, you can buy them here. The seller give 2 years warranty : http://www.ma-tablette-graphique.com/

      Hope this help !

  2. I just almost bought a 19u with a bad pixel, from pandacity, but the deal morphed into a total warranty of 15 days . And just $25 dollars off retail. I declined.

  3. Now another question, if my laptop native resolution is 1920×1080 and a msp19u (or for that matter dp10u with 1024×600 res) do I have to switch my laptop to match the art pad resolution when mirroring the external display??

    1. Yeah it’s better to buy one in good condition and have the full warranty ^^
      I read somewhere on amazon they have some stock arriving in February…

      So about the resolution, if I understand correctly : you plan on using the tablet in duplicate mode and not in extended mode ?
      I just tested it, the mirroring in win7 automatically take the lower screen resolution and match both screens with it. So basically, my Dell (1920*1200) just go to 1440*900 to match the msp19u resolution.
      I did the test on my desktop but I guess it will work the same wy if I try it on my latop. I don’t think there is a way to change that…

      If you plan on using the dp10u, it may be better to go in extended mode, unless you have to be in duplicate screen mode for some reason, of course ^^

      Let me know if you want me to do the test on my latop or whatever, I’m okay to test software too if you are wondering about compatibility !

      1. Thanks for your knowledge
        My research for this purchase has gone beyond my normal “shoot from the hip” technique 😉
        Cintiq’s are/were the only choice but my need to create was trumped by the Wacom prices. I have a small Graphire 4 tablet(with 3.5×5″ working surface) and I haven’t really progressed much.
        I assume that drawing on top of a work in progess is more natural, but have come to the conclusion Yiynova products are overpriced too. Take alook at the chinese android tablet prices, $70 and up so the monitor/digitizer combo like these art pads could come in less than a DP10 price. Also Lenova is releasing a external monitor/touch for $399 w/wireless connection. Not sure about pressure levels though,

        Since Windows 8 is touch based, I think there will be a new rush of products that will compete with the Cintiq bench mark.

        1. Hehe don’t forget when you buy something you pay more taxes than hardware ^^
          I buy my yiynova from USA, when it come to Europe I had to pay 30% of its price (+ shipping) for import taxes purpose + foreign customs… But the yiynova are already imported in USA, so there price here include taxes too…
          If you go in China and buy it here, you will pay nothing by comparison :p

          About the lenovo, I already know about it, but will wait reviews about it. I’m quite disapointed by the lag the wireless version have. I want to be sure it’s not an hardware problem… 😦
          The digitizer it have is the lower wacom digitizer, they sell it to tablet pc brands but never change the technology (a shame). I think it’s okay with small screens because you will not notice any lack in accuracy nor lag, but it’s definitly far far away from cintiq, intuos, bamboo or the “u” serie from yiynova…
          But ! If you are not buying it for professionnal purpose, it can be very fine in my opinion. (For professionnal 13 inches is a little tight if you plan on creating complexe pieces. That will force you to zoom in-out a lot or look on a second screen and result significant lose in workflow. Not everyone is concerned but honestly, when things get serious, bigger is better. But again 🙂 that’s only my thought !)

          If you want to try to get an idea, you can go into a shop with test device and ask about a test with the samsung note 10.1 (actually the better display with this digitizer imo), asus ep121, asus 810, samsung ativ or ativ pro and whatever tablet pc with wacom inside it. Actually, wacom hasn’t released a proper win8 drivers but it was okay with win7 & androids devices 🙂 That can give you an idea about what you will be able to do with a digitizer display and all these device are 10.1 or 11 inches, not very far from the 13 inches lenovo will provide.

          But you’re right, with the new tablet pc coming into market, I really hope technology will go forward (and prices down, of course :))

        2. Woops sorry for the long answer ><

          About art, according to many people opinion, it's easier to get the basis with paper and pencil and draw from real life, than digital tool…
          When working on paper, everything go instant, no tool to setup, nor shortcut to do before rotating your canvas… 🙂 And with digital tool come the bad habit of "ctrl-z" (I'm culprit here, ctrl-z got me too)

          Now I admit, tablet is not good for learning, the lack of eyes-hand coordination create real gap. A screen display will be far better, but again you will be "stuck" at some point because stylus and digitizer can't be as accurate as a pencil is.

          If I can point you something, I would recommand this book (or pdf) : http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?243701-I-self-published-a-book-on-the-fundamentals-of-drawing-from-life

          It's very helpfull on some critical point that you may not realize until you read them. It show some usefull method to measure things from life and trust me, learn to measure is what make your art better !
          The first thing young artists have to learn is : your brain try to fool you about measure, do NOT trust it. Measure everything by yourself, compare, create a construction plan and you will get things right.

          When you get that, you are on the good way 🙂 By the way, you can suscribe to various forum and take a look, there is a lot of tutorial, exemple and other things that can really help you out !

    1. Never tested this one myself ^^, but there is a good (and long) post about it on conceptart.org 🙂 Maybe it’s here you find about it ? http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?187509-LE1700-portable-cintiq-IT-WORKS!-now-with-video!
      The thing about it is to be carefull if it’s an older or a “newer” version, looks like there are some viewing and quality screen issue with the “older”… About the accuracy and pression sensitivity I can’t really tell, but if you draw on the screen it’s already an improvement.

      But that’s more a slate like a tablet pc, if you are more interested in a on-the-go tablet, there are plenty of option like the hp2760p and2740p, the old fujitsu serie (before the 900) that can be good option. I think you can find some used, it worth to take a look on ebay 🙂

      At this point, I think what you need to think about is : how much money can I put into this ? Is it for portability purpose or only “desk work” ? What is my minimum space size (= how many inches) to feel at ease and not get frustrating while using it ? Used or new with warranty ?

      1. I like the idea of this because it’s a pc albeit 5-6 years old pc. I’m not an i groupie so buying anything they have is unlikely.

        Downloaded the ebook, the only LIVE object I am allowed to see is our small dog. 😦

        At this point, I think what you need to think about is : how much money can I put into this ? Is it for portability purpose or only “desk work” ? What is my minimum space size (= how many inches) to feel at ease and not get frustrating while using it ? Used or new with warranty ?

        Yes money number 1
        size number 2
        Used.. most likely

  4. Check alibaba.com and search for brand “ACCUSEE TECHNOLOGIES LTD”
    you will see yiynova products available for export from China.
    and probably every consumer product that gets shipped out of china. Even Panasonic(lumix) cameras that are marked up by 100% here in North America.

    1. If you buy from China, take care you have a solution if you need to return the unit (exchange, cleaning or so). That’s something USA and Europe provide because it’s a part of customer service. When it come to international it’s always good to be sure before 🙂

      1. Actually a person can’t just buy from companies listed on alibaba. You must be a company that must pass thru hoops and u have 2 buy in bulk. I was just was showing where stuff came from and the amount of some retail markups.

        When the supply of msp19u returns to market it will cost via Cumorah Enterprizes:
        $599+$99shiping+$70tax and fees(collected by delivery Co.)=$775 Canadian dollars.
        I’ve locally found a HP Tuchsmart TM2 convertable laptop i3 4gig 300gHDD 12″ for $300 plus gas to drive 10kms
        No-where near a 19″ with 2048 levels, but a start that will have some local value in the future!

        1. $70 taxes and fees only ? :p Lucky ! We have a bunch more for Belgium !

          It’s nice you found something that suit you ^__^ hope you will make beautifull art with it !

  5. Great comments… I’m also waiting for an msp19u. And no word…

    I was wondering.

    Hey you guys who are testing dozens of different types of software on the 19u. Where do you get it? I’m still old school and quite the noob to this. Nevertheless. So. On another note. Any suggestions?


      1. Hmm. Since you put it that way. Yeah. But to be more specific: Yeah and yeah. LOL. Know what I mean. This is something that I always wonder about. On another note. I graduated from an arts and design school years ago and went for 5 years. In the anologue sense I know my stuff. I switched departments every year; took over 45 courses. And until recently I still felt a lot of digital stuff was still not quite there. You know. At home. Steve Jobs listened to vinyl. There’s a lot of wealth in things that are material. Switching to bits and bytes makes me a bit twitchy and it’s not really cheap. It’s quite the investment and seems costly to experiment. Otherwise. I have been drawing on screens for decades. All you need is a grease pencil and the guy from the nightly news. Helps if you have a pipe. So I’ve been told.

        1. I admit it’s not simple to switch from traditional to digital. But traditional isn’t cheap either, I remembered my time in art school it wasn’t that easy to buy all paper-pencil-ink-oil-paintbrushes and so !

          If you think about jumping into the digital train, there are a lot of free softwares that can help you to train yourself without taking your wallet out 🙂
          They exist for almost all big shareware at least one free or cheap alternative. They may not be as complete as the commercial ones, but they are generally not “simplistic”. Here some examples :
          – Gimp is the free alternative to Photoshop (image manipulation and painting),
          – MyPaint (free) or Artrage (cheap shareware) to corel painter (painting software that mimics traditional art),
          – Inkscape (free) to Illustrator (vectorial drawing)
          – Blender (free) to 3ds studio max (3d software),
          – Sculptris (free) to Zbrush (3d sculpting) …

          Some exist in different version, more or less complete, with a different price depending on the version. Artrage and manga studio are that way 🙂 Almost all shareware have a 30 days trial, very usefull to get an idea of the software.

          I just know a few of the existing alternative (they are a lot !), but I think it’s not too difficult to find. I happen to know some of them thanks to forums or reviews, sometime it’s just luck or someone that let a few words in a comments (deviantart, conceptart, cfsl, … )
          They are a lot of tutorials, forums and communities around these softwares (free or not), you can learn them for free, it’s just a matter of time and patience.

          With that, if you want to go for digital, what you will have to pay will be the hardware part : good computer and a tablet. Computers these days, even an old one, can run almost all the softwares I mentionned (maybe with some lag for the big files but it’s becoming very rare to have a so-old-computer it will crash at loading). Now come the tablet (:p)

          About the 19u, I heard on a forum they will have a bunch of them in stock in february for amazon.com. (you can check pandacity facebook page for information :))
          I don’t know from what part of the world you are, but they are others ressellers that start a buisness here and there in various countries.

          I heard yiynova is working on a new model with a pen battery-free (that’s mean new digitizer, I hope they will continue to work with uc-logic !), I don’t know about the screen size or price but I’m happy they are on their way to create news models !

          Hope that help you 🙂 (and sorry, I do not know how to make short answer)

  6. Hi Griffonnet

    How are you doing sir.

    On short answers me bad too. Very. Thanx too for the website. I’ll check it out.

    My computer is 32 bit… Mac. Strictly. Like a religion.

    Thank you for that website… Sorry. I already wrote that. I’m trying to tap this out and edit on my iPhone. It’s attached to me: Permanently.
    And I never thought to wonder if the next big Yiynova was on the horizon.

    I got a brief reply yesterday from Wesley at Cumorahenterprises. I had briefly chatted with him before when the MSP19U was on sale for Christmas. And now it’s not. Anyway. Richard at Panda City also wrote to me to wait… So at this point a buy has not been set up or finalized. I’m so excited that I could almost bust out of my skin. The MSP19U is hot. If it doesn’t show up soon I might do something weird like buy a Pentax 67ii on ebay. There’s tons of them.. I have an Epson v700 scanner… And the 67 produces negatives that are 2.25″ x 3.75″. ILford makes some really cool b+w film like Delta 3200 and XP2.

    Re software. Manga Ex4 looks easy. Rotoscoping interests me so in my research Toon Boom was the thing that jumped out and bonked me. Poser Pro and Anime look easy. And okay. So does Photoshop. But if I can get away with Gimp why not. One of my neighbors told me about SAI. That one surprised me.

    Did you know that yesterday Apple announced something for Indie Authors wanting to sell on iTunes called Book Breakout or something like that? It’s for the US iTunes. It’s ajready available in NZ, Australia, UK and Canada.

    As for me. I’m above the 49th parallel. Is that hint enough?

    The other thing is. If the curve and timeline are enormous I will consider farming out. I want to set up a studio. There’s still a few more things that I don’t have. Like a MKii or iii. I do have a SD302 and a Sanken C3e. And some DPA 4061 lavs. Plus a couple of G3 Sennys. That’s audio stuff. Indusrty standard too. Location gear. With a MSP19U I will really be able to cook. Hmm.


    1. I forgot to mention. Adobe’s After Effects. That one looks good or sounds good. Any alternatives to that one?

      And there was something else that I was wondering. Are there any shows that are very photo/video based and then reworked on tablets with some kind of software? Generally I don’t watch TV. I like to watch the stock market. It goes up and down. For a concept that’s so simple. You’d be surprised how much it can mess with your head… LOL.

      1. Wow lot of stuff in your previous comment lol ! I don’t work in this field but I think I understand better what you plan to do with digital tools 🙂

        To be honest, After Effects is one kind of unique software. I don’t know about something similar because this one is very particular. And powerfull !
        But as I already said, I don’t work in this field, maybe they are alternatives but I have no clue about that, sorry… At this point I think the better thing to do is to find some forums about audio/video editing/compositing, communities are the best way to learn fast 🙂 You seem to know your stuff, with some mentors and tutorials I think you will have goodss results quickly !

        About tablet involved in creation, I don’t know for sure : every studio have their own way to work. In all 2D animation hand-drawed it’s a standard, for photo/video it’s help a lot when you have to draw masks, to do retouch and so. It is still quicker/easier to draw on a screen than to draw without eyes-hand coordination with “classical” tablet.

        Mac are more than okay for this job, lots of softwares are made to work with both windows and macintosh. Some are mac exclusive… Lot of choice, lot of possibilities 🙂

        Oh and about the 49th parallel… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/49th_parallel_north That’s a lot of countries sir ! :p
        My question was more about : are you from America or Europe continent. I’m from West Europe (Belgium) so it’s easier for me to get access to information about this part of the world for the Yiynova resellers 🙂

  7. I’m in N.A.. But my dad said that his people were from where you are. A bit over 500 years ago there were two brothers that I think originated from B.. Famous bankers too. Ones guy’s name was R. and his brother’s name was A.. By accident I tripped over the same guys in the dictionary. And I think they migrated eastward. I don’t know too much more. Although when I do a name search I notice there are some from my tree who have been attracted to banking. Whatever. The other thing is. There’s a Wan in my name that I take to be like Van.

    Getting back to software and hardware, specs and tablets:

    Hmm. Since you mentioned forumns. Okay. That’s a start. And. Re 2D/xyz/drawing and photo/video/audio manipulation and editing. I don’t exactly think in categories. Historically I’ve tried to learn everything on everything which can be exhaustive and then in a very intuitive manner go to town creating content in some context. Context often being the parameter determining limits.

    Since we are currently undergoing a renaissance in mobile computing. I think eventually there’ll be a convergence of the desktop and mobile device. Not sure if the OS is the problem. But the UI is sort of primitive to me. I would redo the entire process for creating content.

  8. I guess I’m not thinking so much as a tablet user or as someone ultimately concerned with the job of drawing/rendering, retouching, designing, editing or writing long hand in the screen. Writing, directing, producing: Yes.

    On another note. Do you ever go to the comic book shops? Graphic novels? A few years ago the guy who did Harzak passed away. He did Harzak Arzak. Something like that. He was French. I think Heavy Metal used to spot light his stories. I lent the book to a friend of mine that I used to play chess with. He never gave it back. I think it really hurt his mind. He was a school teacher and he was 15 years older. I don’t think he understood the genre or art. He was creative in that he had a pretty decent wood shop in his garage. But creativity without a sense of culture can be aimless and naive if the person is not strong re POV or narrative. Hmm. Yeah. Some people, I’ve noticed don’t know or forget the difference between art and reality or the purpose of culture. Generally. They can be no fun. They take too long to grok. Poor at multi grokking. New concept: The Multi Grokker. LOL.

  9. Re Comic Book shops. From my past experience. Paris had the best ones. They looked almost glamorous.

    What kind of art do you do?

    1. Well I’m not making “art” with a big “A” my job have a creative part but not as free as a real “artist” can be 🙂
      I’m a 3D real-time artist, basically I’m the guy who translate an object/character in 3D from a 2D concept or image. I use various softwares for that : modelisation, sculpting, 2D drawing/retouch… Our goals are to build the best quality objects with the better performances for the engines.
      Heh, that sounds a little mercenar like that !

      This blog is my “relax” blog, I do not show professional work pieces here ^^

  10. Heya,
    Very awesome made review mate! Very nice!
    I have about 2 questions
    I own an intuos 4 wireless , i haven’t installed on my new laptop , i am thinking of buying the yiynova 19″u . The question is . Can i use the intuos after i install the yiynova?
    And my second question is. Do u advice me to install the drivers from the website or from the package they provide? Cuz i heard rumors about glithes on the older generation
    Cheers mate!
    Have a nice day!


    1. Hello ! Thanks for your kind words !

      Here you have a good question. I just tested it with my intuos 3 : no pressure sensitivity. I think it willl need the wacom drivers to work properly. I didn’t try to install the wacom drivers again, I suppose it will just conflict again.
      I can try to make some tests, but not before tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I will get some results but I don’t have a lot of hope in this.

      The drivers yiynova give in the package are okay, but it’s always better to check the last update 🙂

      Generally the major complains come when drivers fight, sometime it’s because of windows human interface trying to override the current drivers… Honestly, if you have a clean install right now it will be okay.

      1. Thanks for replying me so quickly,
        It will mean a lot for me if u test it please 😀
        And seriosly this one of the best reviews , i mean u collected like so much good info that will help lots of people 😀

        I’m so confused i dunno what to do. The thing is that i still wanna use my intuos 4 , cuz u know i bought it, it costed something, so i need to find something to use like both.

        What do u think? I am a student a Uni in UK, i’m studying Product Design.
        I wanna start doing my designs in digital,to make the rendering look neat (i dunno if u know, but to do with markers, a nice rendering you have to buy lots of colours of good brands such as Copic, and that’s soo expensive) my problem is that i cannot draw like in paper when i’m staring at my laptop screen and having my pen on the tablet. I just kinda struggle to draw it and just don’t like it. I just use it to render the picture of my drawings. I used my intuos like maximum let’s say about 20 hours/year since i got it 2 years ago i think.

        So what would you do in my situation? Another problem is i dunno if i’m gonna like it, from it looks like having a screen and drawing on it , it looks kinda addictive. But i don’t wanna waste money for just a thing that looks cool.

        Hope i didn’t wasted to much of ur time reading this. And did not confused you.
        Thank you very much for ur time spent on my questions!
        Best regards,

        1. No problems, feel free to ask any question. The 19u is cheaper than the cintiq, but it is still a bunch of money, it’s normal to be cautious 🙂

          I did my tests, sadly it results that the wacom tablet can’t work properly without the full wacom drivers (no pressure or random pressure). And finally it seems the wacom drivers override all others drivers if they are installed, no matter if they are installed before or after.

          Now, you said you rarely used your intuos 4. I honestly doubt you will use it more if you buy a display device. The learning curve for classic tablet is longer and harder than tablet monitor, the 19u/cintiq/tablet pc feel more “normal” because their use is closer to traditionnal drawing on paper but these devices aren’t cheap.
          Wacom is the best for tablets that’s true, but are you really using all the features it offer to you ? Tilt, shortcut, zoom wheel ? Are you planning on train yourself a few hours per day to master it quickly ? 20h/years is not a good deal for this price, you can work with a much cheaper tablet for that use.

          I can’t tell you what to do, that is your choice :), but you have to consider your needs and what you expect from every device you have. Think about the differents uses they provide you :
          – The 19u can be a good secondary monitor when you are not using it for drawing.
          – The intuos is easy to carry with the laptop if you go out for holidays or lessons and is know to last long.

          Now if you never tried any tablet monitor in your life, I can advise you to try to find someone around you (or a shop with demo devices) that possess one of them (cintiq, tablet pc, samsung note 10.1…) and give it a try. That can give you an hint about your need of a tablet monitor.

          In France and USA you can return the device and get a full refund if you are not satisfied by your purchase within 7 days after purchase. You can send an email to your amazon.co.uk reseller and ask him about this. If he offers something similar in the worse case you know you will not waste your money if you are not happy 🙂

  11. @ Flavius

    Re your Intuos4. A google search will give you some leads like from Hackaday dot com if you want a DIY Intuos4 into a Cintiq. I’ve watched some of the videos of it being done… It’s kind of interesting.

    1. Thank you. I checked them out before but never the hackaday website. They r really interesting but the thing is that my wacom wirless is like medium size, so i would need like a really small screen. So it’s like no reason for me to ruin a good tablet, i haven’t even used it more than like 15 hours in total since i got it like 1-2 years ago. So i am thinking to keep it like that, i dunno…
      The thing is that i’m living in UK, so that’s another issue 😕

  12. @ Flavius

    Product Design. Hmm. You’re studying that. Why. That’s question one. Two: Area of expertise? Any? And the next question. Can you build models or the final product? Do you plan to work for yourself or someone else? If that’s not possible. What are you going to do?

    1. Lots of softwares here ! I should had precised it in my review but I tested all these softwares on arium and win7 64 bits, so it’s okay if that is your configuration 🙂
      Sooooo after a few tests here are the results :

      OpenCanvas (version 5.5) : Works fine but only in duplicate screen mode. If you don’t mind some horrible stick man, here is a prove : https://3drips.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/opencanvastest.jpg?w=889

      MangaLabo (version 1.0.20) : Works fine but only in duplicate screen mode. Proove here : https://3drips.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/mangalabotest.jpg?w=889 Just a note because I never used this one, so it may be because I didn’t setup if properly : each time I changed something in the parameters (size, opacity, tool) the first stroke never worked (blank), as it was waiting for a confirmation, second brush stroke works as intended. I basically was changing my parameters and then taping in the working surface before doing a stroke.

      Blender : I never used this one, I was desperatly searching for an UVs tool or something similar to paint on the object and finally found a anotation tool. So I just tried it. The stylus works fine for everything and it registers pressure. I will look for a tutorial about texturing or so to make a more complete test, but I think it will be okay. Works in extended and duplicate mode 🙂 https://3drips.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/blendertest02.jpg?w=889

      Krita : I encounter big issues with this one. I couldn’t test it properly because it crashed each time I tried to create a new document. I’m still working on it, hope I can give you some results soon :/

      Inkshape : It works in extended screens mode.
      I never used this one before, I tried some brush but it seems it’s not registering the pressure information. It targets the stylus very well and it’s very responsive, I’m still looking if I can get some pressure sensitivity, I found strange it recognise the stylus without any problems but do not register other informations.

      edit : if I understand correctly, inkshape do not work with pressure sensitivity ? Oh well, here are the tests, sorry it’s a full mess, I played with caligraphy tool, pen and airbrush. It’s fine, accurate and responsive, I suppose it’s okay for this one ! https://3drips.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/inkshapetest.jpg?w=512

      1. Krita again : Managed to make it works for a few moments before it stops registering brush and crash. I cannot be sure about what works as intended and what comes from my personal issue with it. I don’t think that come from the yiynova because it crash as well without it installed, something definitly wrong with my desktop.

        For the short duration of time it was running well I see no lag. It works only in duplicate screen mode.

        Some brush have an issue when I put the stylus on the screen before applying any pression, it register it as a full pression. That give a “spot” and then pression start working as intended.
        I think it’s manageable if you change some settings but again, with Krita being instable I have to reboot each time to make it works again, that slow the tests a lot.

        Here the result : https://3drips.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/kritatest.jpg?w=889

        1. Thanks a lot for testing them out for me! Don’t worry about Krita though, as it is simply an experimental installer and a stable version for Windows haven’t got released yet. Just need to know that it sort of works… If you don’t mind, can you please report to the Krita developers about the bugs? It helps them in getting Krita stable!

          Also, can you please describe the viewing angles a little more? I plan to use the MSP19U flat on the table while drawing, like how we used to on paper.

          1. “Sort of work” is the word, that’s sad, it is a nice program when you manage to use it a little 🙂 I will try to contact the dev team..

            Hmmm the angle view… The sides angles views are fine, you can look at almost 180° without notice changes. At 170° – 180 on the side the brightness will increase a little.
            On vertical angle the bottom one is okay too, I think it is a little less, 160° and the screen become a little darker.

            For the top viewing angle, it’s smaller. If you put the yiynova flat on a table, you will have no problems working on it but if you stand up and stand back, you will see the dark angle appear. I think it start to appear at 110°-120° on top and it is really visible at 140-150.
            Of course I say it without device to help me mesure it and a very simple trick to avoid problems is to have the horizon line of your eyes at the middle of the screen 🙂

            Commonly, peoples are working “in front” of their paper sheet (no matter if it’s horizontal or vertical), it the same for the 19u. Even if you are not right in front it’s still okay. You can ask to other people around the net, but it’s really manageable.

            I mounted my 19u on an arm, now I can move it easily or use it as secondary screen when I’m not using it. The stand was okay but I have a tiny workspace and needed to be able to put the 19u aside when it is in “screen mode use”. That’s very helpfull when you want to work more confortable in your desk chair.

            Hope that help you !

            1. Thanks a lot again! Just asking, did you test Krita 2.6.0 at http://www.kogmbh.com/download.html ? It is the most stable version for Windows and you should get better results from it! Also, is it possible for you to check the colour gamut and accuracy of the MSP19U? How much of sRGB and Adobe RGB can it display? Diagrams would be helpful as well!

              1. Hi again 🙂 Yes it was krita 2.6.0.
                You know, I tested a lot of softwares and drivers lastly and my current windows install is more than 2 years old, that’s not good conditions for “beta” programs. I wouldn’t be surprised krita encounters some difficulties because of that.

                I do not have any third party hardware to test the colors unfortunatly. About the accuracy I can say it is good, but I don’t have any device to “test it” either. The cursor really stick where the pen is, no interval on the side. You have the standard physic paralax because of the screen + protective glass cover, if you already tested a cintiq it is the same.

            2. Do you mind letting me know what arm did you buy for it? I am afraid that when going above 1500 pressure the screen would be pushed, how stable is it? Thank you very much!

              1. Hello ! I took an ergotron, I think it was the “ergotron LX Desk mount LCD arm”. This one is for light screens. I can rest my arm on it and even push it without making it move. It’s very sturdy and stable. You can adjust the arm to be more or less difficult to move.
                There are other arms cheaper, if you make sure the arm can handle the weight (make sure the screen isn’t too light or the arm will move alone) and it’s VESA standard 🙂

  13. Hello! I just bought the yiynova msp19 and I’m having a couple of issues!
    I was just wondering, does your yiynova msp19u pen move kinda sticky? It’s fantastic when using a brush in photoshop but when trying to transition from one button/tool to the other, i find that it ‘sticks’ to whatever is used last and i have to either easily just lift the pen up several inches, or keep fiddling with it until it ‘unsticks’. I have been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, playing with options, trying to get rid of the HID generic drivers but that just rendered the pen useless… aaaall day trying to fix this problem.

    Also windows7 keeps installing its own drivers for it. As soon as i disabled one, the pen wouldn’t work. I don’t know how everybody else who reviewed it got to work. I did everything correctly, rebooted it after it was installed, shut it off, plugged in the yiynova, and then again.

    Lastly, my pen utility software keeps going back to default everytime i restart my computer. Is that the same issue with you?

    1. Hello 🙂
      I’m not sure about your problem, but I must ask before : do you bought the msp19U or the previous one, msp19 ? If that so, we don’t have the same drivers (it’s not the same digitizer inside) and I’m afraid I can’t really help you.
      You did the right things, even if win7 install the HID after that should be okay… but the cursor should never be sticky, nor lag, it’s perfectly fluid in my own photoshop and every other software. The only time when the cursor “stick” somewhere on my desktop it’s only because I raised my hand too high and the screen lost track of the pen.

      About the “reset” I have a minor issue that came everytime, the drivers from uc-logic “forget” I setuped the Yiynova as secondary monitor, so I have to select the “monitor 2” in the list each time.

      1. Wow, thank you so much! I have the msp19U and I really really appreciate the reply. I’ve been anticipating this product for months and now that I finally have it, i was afraid I would have to accept what I had. I will keep trying to find an answer. May I ask as to whether you only installed the driver from the yiynova site? the 5.02c version? I think you’re only supposed to install that one, right?

        With the msp19, i know you had to install stuff from waltop.com and displaylink.com. But I was so confused by panda city’s pamphlet i installed them all. It’s now uninstalled of course, but i’ll be trying to fix this issue all night then.

        I googled whether there were old wacom/bamboo tablet files in my computer and so far i can’t find any eversince i uninstalled them.

        I hope i get it working to the point of what I see everyone else being able to do on youtube with their yiynovas. I have been trying to work with it all day but it is exasperating.

        1. No prob, I understand your feelings ^^

          Okay let’s try something. If you installed some drivers from different brands, it’s not impossible it cause a problem.
          But before ! Let’s check a couple things, I’m sure you already did it but it’s always good to look 2 times :
          – is the pen battery new ?
          – is the usb port okay ? Did you try with another one if possible ?
          – are you sure it’s a lag from the tablet and not related to ram or cpu ? My computer is quite old, only run 4 go RAM and sometime I got lag in photoshop because of that.
          – probably not the reason here but be sure the alimentation battery is correctly pluged too 🙂

          If everything is okay from hardware, let’s go for drivers. I have the last drivers from yiynova website, as you did.
          I used “Argente Manager” to remove the wacom drivers from my laptop and it was okay after that (the software founded some web plugin from wacom I never knew they were here).
          But be carefull, you will need to re-install the drivers if the software do not find them (path are broken by uninstall but files remain in windows backup drivers list).

          Another simple solution can be to go to a restore point, if you have win7 it “normaly” create regulary save point. That can be enough, you will have to un-install the current drivers (wacom I guess ? ^^) from this save point, but it probably will be simplier than searching for all drivers you installed.

          And finally, if it’s still not running well, maybe you can try without any drivers installed, only the windows one (no wacom, no yiynova). You will get no pressure sensitivity, but you can look at how the lag is.
          If there is no lag, then it come from a drivers fight and we can investigate a little more. If there are some, the best thing would be to try the yiynova on another computer if possible and see what’s happen.

          Your problem sound more like a drivers or instalation issue than an hardware issue, but if needed, do not hesitate a second to contact PandaCity !
          They are kind, even when busy and will help you the best they can. If your unit is faulty, they will exchange it, on this point I think they are really okay. As the msp19u is still a young device, it can happen some came with a default, but I hope that’s not your case.

          Let me know if there is something else I can do to help you 🙂

      2. I definetly have the msp19u and I think you mentioned about software that help you uninstall the wacom table software? I think that might or might not be the issue. I have been manually searching my computer for the tablet.DAT and wacom.DAT (or whatever their names are) files but it is nowhere to be found.

        1. Argente manager or decrapifier… but warning, decrapifier is REALLY powerfull and can erase files you don’t want to erase at all. I do not recommend it but it’s still a tracker for hint of drivers when everything else do not work. Should be used only if you have a backup or a restore point near !
          Argente manager was the best I tried so far, one of the rare that actualy find the wacom drivers… it create a save point before deleting files, so it’s more secure to use it.

          1. WHOA! It turned out to simply be the pen! And thank the gawd it is because it would have been horrible sending the whole tablet back.

            I NEVER THOUGHT it was the pen!

            I changed the nib just for the heck of it, restarted the computer because i unplugged the yiynova and had to plug it back in, and it worked perfectly!!! It’s so smooth and ‘fluid’ just like you said!!! It really feels like it’s worth every cent. So rewarding!

            Thank you so much. I literally got off my seat and started jumping up and down, i was so relieved.

            If the pen degrades in quality and starts reverting back to its old problems this week, i’m going to get the distributor to send a replacement.

            Great! Now i know what to look out for if the pen starts getting wonky.

            You’re awesome. Thank you

  14. It has been over a month now, is it possible for you to update the status of the softwares OpenCanvas and Krita? Are certain problems fixed? And, is there any issues with the MSP19U like scratched screen, buggy drivers, spoilt wiring, etc. after such a long time?

    1. Hello !

      I just tried OpenCanvas latest version. Still working very nicely, but only in duplicate screen mode. As it’s the same with some other softwares like MyPaint, I don’t know if there is something I can do.

      On the hardware part, the tablet is like it was at first day. No scratches, no dead pixels, I keep my fingers crossed it continue this way ! (note I have it since 25th December, so it’s near 3 month now).

      A little note I have to add. I recently bought a tabletPC with a wacom digitizer so I have to tell about the drivers comparison : the yiynova never bugged, nor lost pressure sensitivity, nor lost track of the pen while I was using it.
      On the tabletPC, I meet again with one of the unfamous drivers bug from wacom which made your stroke like it didn’t registered the pen pressure. It happen from time to time, especially in photoshop, whatever you are doing. I know it’s not a big deal but I was seriously surprised because I just forgot it was an existing bug.
      On this point I have to say since I have the yiynova I never experienced something similar. To be honest, I never experienced a weird action from my cursor or an unexpected brushes stroke. It maybe do not have tilt feature, but it do not have “bug” I can report so far.

      About Krita, if you don’t mind to wait one more week I will run a new test on a new windows install. My RAM crashed last week as well as my windows boot HDD, I had to do some surgery 🙂 As result, the 2.6.0 I installed when you asked me isn’t even able to open a document anymore…

    2. So, after trying again krita, I can say the drivers from UC-logic/Yinova aren’t very friendly with the software out of the box.
      I managed, no idea how, to make the 2.6.0 version works for some time but it do not work with the last release.
      It will crash at the end, not matter what, even if it work for a few time.

      So after browsing here and there, I think that come from a drivers compatibility. That can be corrected, I read some user with other brand tablets wrote some fix for them. Krita is setuped to work with wacom if I’m correct… I have no idea if I can do that too, I’m currently trying to register on the forum and will try to ask someone 🙂

      So far I think that’s the only software that really didn’t work with the tablet without big intervention. Hope that can be fixed !

  15. Hello, can you test this out with Toon Boom Animate Pro 2? I have a windows system and this tablet works excellent in Flash but I can not get it to perform in Animate Pro 2. Thank you.

      1. Yes thats it. I got an email from support saying this program only works in single monitor mode. So I’m going to give it another run and disable my other two monitors. They are working on a fix in the next driver update. Apparently, the same issues are taking place in sketchbook and sai.

        1. It happen for My Paint and OpenCanvas too. They are some softwares that seems to be made in some way they react like that.
          That’s good if they have an hint to correct that in the next update ! That would solve a lot things !

          If you still have an issue with one monitor or in duplicate screens mode, let me know, I will run a test 🙂

          1. Ok for sure going to try it when I get home today. Excited because toon boom is THE animation program and the only reason I bought the msp19u so my drawings could be better. thanks/.

  16. Hi there! I just got my Yiynova in a few days ago and I’m having a lot of issues with the pen jumping around. 😦
    It’s always in the top left and right corners of the document I’m working on. I’ve been messing with this thing for days, and even did a complete format of my windows 7 64-bit computer to make sure no old drivers were messing with it. It does the same thing in all programs I use: Photoshop CS5, Manga Studio 5, and even paint! And it doesn’t matter if screens are in extended or duplicate views. Any ideas? I’m at a loss! I’ve emailed the company, just waiting for a reply. Trying to get as many suggestions as I can.

    I changed the pen nib, just to make sure it wasn’t that. It’s driving me crazy. I want to play with it so much, but this jumping is getting me down. :<

    1. Hello 🙂

      Huum well jumping cursor, even when not in art program ?
      Did you downloaded the latest drivers version from Yiynova website ? (5.02c for the msp19U)

    2. I had the same thing happen when I first got mine. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and have not had that problem ever since. Try it and see if it works.

      When I used Flash, Id draw at the top left of the screen and the line would just jump up.

  17. I left a reply earlier, but I don’t see it so forgive me if this is a repeat:

    I foresee myself using this product for all mouse/tablet computer input functions, completely replacing a mouse or tablet.

    I’m wondering if you can try your yiynova for basic windows use, microsoft office products etc, as well as with the following software:

    Mari (a 3D texture painting program)

    Maya (for basic 3D navigation, selecting etc as well as it’s sculpt tools)

    Mudbox (3D sculpting)

    1. Hello ! Yup your first reply is lost somewhere on top, it’s mixed in someone else reply.
      I will test these softwares, didn’t you wanted me to try Houdini too ? Let me one or two days, I’m a little busy I think I can’t test everything this evening… 🙂

      1. I think I am one of the ones who contacted Bosto re a what if scenario re an OSX driver for their 19 incher. And they said go ahead if you can get a driver made and that they would pass on the “data sheet” which according to them was spec wise the same as the Yiynova 19″. That’s a curious thing. Hmm. Similar? Data sheet wise. Whatever. Anyway. I see on Adobe’s March 16th forum that there’s a conversation that was initaitated and transpired re the open source community do a driver as a project. Do you think what I’m thinking? Hmm. Send the Yiynova data sheet to the coders and programmers at Github if that’s the place. Begin with a driver for OSX. Make one that plays nice. Or some people may put their heads through the monitor and turn around and order Wacom’s soon to be released 13D eh. As for a hardware hack. Corning who makes the ultra strong Gorilla Glass that covers the iPhone’s capacitive LCD screen will be releasing a new ultra ultra thin glass very soon called Corning Willow Glass. Bends like paper. Put that on your Yiynova me thinks and next to no more parallex. Huh. At least in theory. How much can such a sheet cost? Nice idea if it works… Cheers everyone.

        BTW. Like to know if the msp19U works with Toon Boom’s Harmony? As in more than one screen going.

        PS. You know. Last week Adobe came out with a wonderful earnings report. But. On the same day it was announced in the news that Kevin Lynch who was Adobe’s CTO has been hired to be one of Apple’s new VPs reporting to Apple Sr. BP Bob Mansfield head of technology. If you get a chance check out Lynch’s CV. Impressive. Question is. No one knows what mister Flash etc will be doing at Apple. The Flash Apple war was sort of between Steve Jobs and Kevin Lynch. But that now seems to be water under the bridge. What next.

        1. Do you have a direct link to a trial ? I’m a little confuse between the different toon boom version 🙂

          I think it will work fine, but on “one screen” mode if it’s like the other toon boom version. I will try it anyway, if the website is nice enough to validate my registry 😀

    2. So ! I may have not enough time to test Houdini but I tried with the 3 others and here are the results (I did the tests in dual monitor setup, I don’t have a third monitor to use for the full setup :)) :

      Mudbox works fine ! I hadn’t test it for long but so far it’s perfect, good pressure sensitivity, very good accuracy, green !

      Maya works fine too, I did a quick and basic mod with it, it’s okay !
      I tried the paint tool inside it to see if the pressure sensitivity was okay, but for some reason, it was working randomly. I don’t know if it comes from the tool itself or not, maya recognize the pressure but on some part of the texture it was not responsive.

      Mari do not works in normal mode. It’s sad because all the interface stuff, navigate, move, rotate and so works perfectly in “normal” mode. When you try to paint, the cursor seems to be far off on the left (that’s a “bug” that exist in other software like open canvas, my paint…)
      Only current solution for that is to setup your desktop in one screen mode (aka : duplicate screen). 😦

      Now… according to another comment here, Yiynova is working on a fix for this bug “one screen only” for Toon boon. I guess if they fix it for this one, they will fix it for every other softwares. I think it’s a matter of time before they solve that.

      I tried to use the Yiynova as replacement for mouse too, it’s okay but honestly it depend on your tastes and habits.
      I use my mouse a lot for modelisation and navigation, I’m used to work like that so I always feel the need to reach my mouse. I know some people are tablet addict and don’t have a mouse, they do everything with a tablet. Again, it really depend on your preferences and personal workflow ^^

      1. Thanks so much for checking that software out. The information is very helpful. Unfortunately I really need the yiynova to work well with mari, so I’ll probably hold off for a bit to see if new drivers come out that fix the problem.

        Thanks again.

  18. This tablet looks great, I’m really tempted to get one.

    Just one question; does the power brick on the US version support 240 volt input?

    1. Hello, I did some tests but I’m not sure if it’s working now. I’m not a toon boom user so maybe I’m not doing something correctly…
      Actually, it worked to draw in dual screen mode but there is no pressure sensitivity and sometime the line do not appear. In duplicate screen mode it’s still perfect, pressure, accuracy is ok.

      If you found someone using Animate Pro with the Yiynova maybe that person can answer you better than me. Deeply sorry 😦

    1. Hello 🙂

      So I did another test but it’s still not working properly. There is some improvement though but not enough to get Mari working on dual screen.
      Maybe the next one… this drivers corrected some glitch remaning in other softwares. I hope they will solve the “only one screen” issue before the 22HD release !

        1. I just looked into the upcoming yiynova mvp22u – very exciting:) Hopefully the driver is up to scratch.

          1. This one will probably have the same driver or a close one ^^ If they solve the current issue about softwares working only in duplicate screen, they will solve it for all the next generation, that’s what I believe.
            I’m confident about that. Microsoft had a bigger issue on the surface pro with a “home made” wacom digitizer that was NOT working at all with photoshop and some other softwares. They searched for month and finally came up with a solution. Yiynova isn’t as big as microsoft so it will take some more time I suppose, but at the end, they will have a product running well with everything.

            Anyway ^^ I will test again Mari and Toon Boom at the next drivers release.

        2. Hey Francis,

          I have an half good new for you ! The new drivers is up (5.02e), and now Mari recognize the stylus cursor when working into the painting windows ! Youhou ! No more strange behavior.

          Buuut…. here come the half bad new, this drivers looks like it have issue with 64bits softwares, these softwares do not recognise the pressure.

          I will continue to check this week end and send a mail to Yiynova, maybe it’s a small correction to do, because the previous driver (5.02d) performed well with 64bits.

          I will come back to you as soon as I have news 🙂

      1. I really really hope Yiynova is able to bring the msp19U’s drivers to par especially re SW like Toon Boom’s Harmony and MARI… Eh. That’s class man and where the real money is. No. And I see a number of really good sports on Amazon that were stuck after buying 19u’s that had quality control issues. That’s very dissappointing to read that a kid loses money on a dream…

        So unless they at Yiynova get it together, I can see why one is better off sticking w the Cintiq 22-24HD models… JMHO

        1. Loose money ? I don’t think so. ^^

          Panda City (and lots of other yiynova reseller) offer full refound and there are plenty of reviews now everywhere arround the internet for those who are interested.
          It’s difficult to say you loose money at this point, because ALL the softwares work with the Yiynova. It’s true not all of them are working in dual or multiple screens mode, but you can work with all in “one screen” 🙂

          As I said in the previous post, it’s a matter of time in my opinion. Remember Wacom still have bug about loosing pressure sensitivity, soleace, loosing cursor track… They produce tablets and cintiq since 20 years and still have issues. Drivers aren’t something easy to calibrate even for them.

          Yiynova and the other competitors are still young, that may take some more months, maybe a few years before they reach the “wacom quality”. You can’t expect from an outsider to have the same level as the dinosaur Wacom right out of the box. It’s true some people expect more than one can offer but I don’t think these disapointed people are that many. They probably wouldn’t be happy, even with a 24hd touch cintiq to be honest ^^

          1. Hello.

            My friend. Do yourself a favor:-) Compare the definition for lose vs loose, and losing vs loosing.

            Re young company. Is Yiynova an OEM or are they Fabless? Are they from China or Taiwan? Curious…

            Time? Hmm. The market is obviously pent up and there as yearning has proved. No need for incremental thinking. Last week at Google’s developer conference, CEO Larry Page warned developers about not being non incremental thinkers who could see forward and back in fifty year time spans. Anyway. Getting back to yearning and the market etc. Future revenue is not going to be a problem. They can borrow money at 2% to fund whatever development SW wise that’s necessary. And I know. Creating drivers is a challenging thing. But that’s their business: Technolgy. No.

            As for the kids… Would you like me to retrieve their names from Amazon and quite them? Cross border shopping with s/h, taxes and duty can really add up.

            Let’s understand something else. It is us who are entering into a relationship with Yiynova and thus we are doing them a favor by giving them our money. Hmm.

            As for satisfaction and the Cintiq 24HD et cetera. Is that a bet!? 😛
            Don’t get me wrong either. I wish this company and their product growth to do well. Competition means the consumer benefits and has greater leverage as a voice.

            If Yiynova wants to drag their feet then the void will be filled. Life is Darwinian especially in tech. Eh. And this Technolgy and IP re drawing on screens has been around for some time now but mostly it’s been the Chinese who have embraced it since they’ve been usining characters to write with for many many millennia.

            Personally I think for drawing there will be a tipping point. The world is quickly moving away from paper etc. Drawing and painting is very primordial and a significant part of a human beings’ cognative development. The currently transition from the materially analogue practice to the digital methods for image making is very disappointing. Then something will click and the Technolgy will dramatically tip. My feeling is that in this realm the companties should be investing more, doing more and faster. The market is there. The problem is that the users are so apathetic or passive as voices. Face it. Many of them are kids or adults who aren’t looking past the pictures they make. It’s the users who will probably contribute most to the growth of this SW and HW industry. JMHO.

            And much appreciated sir for your sw and hw testing insights.

  19. Hey there! Cool review! I just received one of these things and it’s pretty great and living up to the rep for the most part. The one thing I noticed is that when I draw horizontally, I am getting up and down jitter. This is mainly when I draw fairly slowly. I was wondering if you got this to. When you try to draw a horizontal line (or diagonal) fairly acurately and slowly if that happened to you too. I noticed you’re on windows 7 so I’m curious because I am on Mac Os 10.8.3. If you could do a small test in photoshop with various thickness of lines. Just draw some horizontal lines across the screen with care and try to keep them as straight as possible. I would love to know if the pen “wobbles” up and down. I get a wavey line that is not very nice. I can avoid it if I draw quickly, but you can’t get the accuracy you can when you draw slowly that way. Thanks for the review and I hope you find some time to do this quick test for me. Thank you!

    1. Hello ! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      So, I did a few tests just to confirm there is no “jitter”. The only thing that can happen is a “scale effect” if you try to draw a very thin (1 or 3 px for my test) line veeeeeery slowly without zooming inside the image before (example : trying to draw at 200% zoom with 3 px line). The scale effect disappears if you zoom into your image and draw again, slowly or not. It did not happen with big lines.
      So far it only happens in photoshop, most of others art application have a smoothing line engine that auto-correct jitter, including “hand jittering” (wonderfull in manga studio and illustudio)

      If you see your cursor jumping here and there, you probably have a driver issue : the scale effect do not cause such jump, you would see the cursor following your pen but the line would do some kind of “pixel snap path”.

      Do you installed the last driver by the way ? That can help solve your issue. I’m guessing it’s something really noticable if you ask for it. 🙂

      1. Hey! Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply! I did have te latest drivers installed and i hadn’t noticed the issue when i first set it up. I don’t know where it happened but in my monitor settings the refresh rate changed from the default 60hertz to 75hertz. So as soon as i changed that back to 60 (or maybe 65 i cant remember) the jitter dissapeared complete. Which was odd but made me happy to find the solution! Now to just get my shaky parkinson hands
        Under control! 😛 cant blame the tablet anymore. Thanks agaon for your post and thetime you took to help me! Very appreciated!

        1. So that was the refresh rate, how strange ! I would have never thank of it !

          Thanks for sharing your solution, that can help other people with the same issue 🙂

          Have a good day !

  20. Just wanted to add that I use use Toonboom Software and Sketchbook Pro and on both programs I found that if you open the software in single desktop display, then when the program is up and running you can switch back to Extended display and you will keep your pressure sensitivity. I actually made a video http://youtu.be/4R4fAvEyEEA

    1. Awesome ! I tested it and it work, thanks a lot for sharing this. If you don’t mind I will put your video in direct link into the article 🙂 That will help a lot toon boom users !

        1. Just tested for Mari but that do not solve the issue :/ same for open canvas. I will test the trick with all the other softwares that works only with one screen.

          I will check some multi monitor tools this week and see if that can help in any way with our problem.

    1. Hello,

      I downloaded Gimp and I’m currently testing your issue. I don’t have your issue, mine currently is no pressure sensitivity but that’s my firts time with Gimp so I’m still setuping it 🙂

      Yiynova release a new drivers today but the file is empty (not complete ?). I will test it as soon as possible with Gimp.

      About your issue, are you using a dual screen setup ? Gimp currently works in a normal extended screen mode, but you may try in duplicate desktop mode.

      Another possibility can be the pressure recognition from gimp to the tablet. Did you setup it “personally” for this software ?

      1. thank you for replying
        no pressure mean it is not yet setup.. the setup is in Preference>interface, change it to screen…
        I dont have dual screen… Yiynova is my monitor from the first time I bought it and I don’t think Gimp is auto setup for tablet, any kind even like wacom. It has to be set manually.

        also mine has no pressure too if I don’t set it up. please let me know about that latest drivers when it’s up if it’s okay with you.

        thank you.

        1. I’m testing the new drivers and they do lot of good things with it…

          But this drivers 5.02e currently have an issue with 64bits version. I’m testing various softwares and plan to send a mail to Yiynova to be sure about that.
          The previous driver was working with 64bits version, no reason this one do not perform equally !

          The question is : do gimp have a 32bits version ? I’m searching arround the web but do not find anything ?

          1. that’s great…. but I’m using 64bits Windows.

            I don’t know that Gimp is what bit… they seem to install in both windows 64/32bits. I’m guessing their official website has some info on that one…. but I’m not sure.

          2. one of the Yiynova Sellers told me, that MSP19U works only with version 2.4 of GIMP.

            I guess the latest is not supported.

            owh and I already tried… so far the pressure opacity is working… umm… but I don’t know to use the old version. can’t find out more of it… but it seem to be working.

    1. Hmmm I do not know, I don’t have this model. For the one on the msp19U I just have to simply pull the back, it come quite easily.

      Looking at it, maybe it’s a screw on system ?

      1. Yeah i got it open, but i have a new issue.. My tablet will not work..I googled and found some things that may have been the issue but, did what it told me to do and it still will not work..

        1. Sorry I’m not sure I understand, is it the tablet itself or the pen which isn’t working ?

          If you have an issue no-one can solve, contact the resseller or panda city 🙂 they are super nice and will provide you all advices and help they can. If nothing work, they will exchange the tablet.

  21. I just bought the Yiynova MSU 19U. I’m not a techie or anything, I just want to plug it in and have it work correctly. I used to use an Intuos 4 and I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7. I plugged the Yiynova up and started drawing in Manga Studio 5Ex. I’m trying to draw very light lines in pencil. I can barely see them. I look up at my computer monitor and to my horror, the so called “light lines” on my tablet are dark, horrendous lines on my computer! Then I notice that every drawing I’ve ever made with those nice fine lines with the pencil setting are completely invisible on the Yiynova. Is it something I’m doing wrong or does the resolution on this thing just suck that badly? I was almost in tears….I went through a LOT to buy this thing, and it doesn’t work any better than this? I hate the thought of going back to the Intuos 4.

    1. Hello there,

      That’s stange, but you know, the Yiynova and your Dell should show you the same result. The yiynova resolution is lower than current HD monitor, but when you set it as dual monitor for exemple, it do not scale or change anything in size no matter what software you are using. The same come when you use it in single monitor mode.

      I’m not a good user with manga sutdio 5, but we can at last check some point :
      – did you remove all wacom drivers using a research tool before installing the Yiynova ?
      – Did you check your monitors settings, windows 7 can scale UI for exemple that can make an issue ?
      You may need to recalibrate your software curve of sensitivity, the yiynova drivers are different from wacom’s on that line.
      – Did this happen in other softwares, let’s try paint for exemple 🙂

      Finally you should check Ray Frenden Blog, you will see some of his exercises with the Yiynova. He do some pretty thin lines, and never experienced any issues, he already created some brushes especially for manga studio 5.

      If your issue is related to manga studio 5, I think he may help you to calibrate the software.

  22. Just thought I mentioned a post on the toonboom forums by Prodcut manager Lilly Vogelsan regarding the MSP19u,

    “Hi there, Just want to put the official word out that there are a number of people successfully using this tablet (yay!) but that we still don’t officially support it yet. I have had several issues reported to me, particularly with dual monitor setups. I am working with Yiynova to start a relationship that will enable us to work with them to fully support it. As soon as I have official news, I’ll let you know!”

  23. For those of you that haven’t heard of a program called Mischief now is the time to introduce yourself to it. Like Sketchbook Pro, It feels like you are drawing, sketching, or painting on pencil and paper, but the Amazing this is that it is a Vector program, and according to the website http://www.madewithmischief.com it has been tested on a Yiynova and it works great. I have confirmed this myself with the free trial. If you like Sketchbook Pro you will LOVE this program trust me.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know this one, just tried it right after reading your comment, it’s a very nice one 😮 ! I add it to the list with your name as credit, thank you for sharing, you know a lot of stuff it’s amazing !

    1. So I tried GIMP but still couldn’t make the pressure sensitivity work. It keep a good track of the stylus, no prob with that but definitly nothing happen when I do try to setup pressure (tried in the controle panel).

      Firealpaca isn’t working with the msp19u, the cursor is far off on the left, when drawing it become crazy and create strokes I never made.

      DrawPile seems to work just fine, pressure, track and sensitivity everything is here ! Only issue I meet is from time to time for one stroke it lost track of the pressure information and draw a full pressure stroke/opacity. That’s the first software where I meet this behavior so I have no idea if it come from drivers or DrawPile.

      Hope that help you ! 🙂

  24. I am actually very disappointed in my MSP19U. I have had it a few months now, and getting it to work properly is a nightmare.

    Yes, it does good pen sensitivity when using brush and painting. However I, for a living, flat comic pages. I use the selection tool a lot.

    Using Photoshop CS2, CS4, and the latest CC I have to quite often tap the screen very hard and numerously to get the tablet to recognize that I am, indeed, tapping it. This hurts my hand after a while and it’s supremely frustrating. Not to mention is slows me down – a very detrimental thing in this business. This is especially true when using the polygonal selection tool: a must in the flatting industry.

    Using Paintshop Pro X3, X4 and X6 the tablet seems to work okay but again I have trouble with the tablet recognizing me at times.

    I try to adjust sensitivity and to calibrate the monitor under the control panel. This only worked once. Now when I click to open up the tool the system ignores me and will not open it.

    I have installed the latest drivers.

    I have done fresh installs of Windows 7 three times.

    Nothing works.

    The only thing that gets the tablet to recognize me when I tap the screen is to install Wacom drivers – a solution I found in forums posted by other unhappy users of this tablet. Unfortunately this means I lose pressure sensitivity. So I can have either 1. The ability to get some work done or 2. The ability to draw nicely and get some other types of work done. I can’t have both.

    And it’s a complete shame! This isn’t my software’s fault. It’s just that folks like me seem to always get forgotten when programmers put a package together.

    But I’m telling you: ALL types of sensitivity are important. Not just the ability to simulate an extra hard brush stroke!

    1. Hello there 🙂

      Strange problem you have, did you try to contact panda city (if you ordered from them of course) ? Right here and now it sound more like a faulty stylus.

      May I do a quick video using the selection tool into photoshop so you can compare with your issue ? I don’t push hard and do not have to tap extra hard for mine, let me see if that can help you.

      By the way, did you try to change the stylus nib ? Can be something that “simple” 🙂

    1. Hello 🙂

      The msp19 has a different piece of hardware in it for the pen pression and tracking that isn’t very good. It will have some jittering so for inking work, drawing line and precision work it’s not recommanded.

      The msp19u uses actually the same technology than Monoprice and Huion tablet and is definitly better in many way.

      If you can wait a little, I really recommand to save for the U version.

      If you definitly are on budget, you can try the Monoprice one, that is cheaper than the msp19U, but it has some issue (no double screen possible in windows, screen with bad viewing angle). I didn’t tested this one, but you may want to check it. Here a link 🙂 http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=10707

      edit : Alexf replied to you just below my answer about the msp19 🙂

    2. Another affordable option I just forgot to mention is the Lenovo LT1423p. It’s a lower wacom digitizer inside (512 256 pressure sensitivity I think ?) and it’s smaller in size (13.3 inch), but it’s quite affrodable and don’t have any viewing angle issue. Here a video from shogmaster :

      And an other place to find informations about this one : http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/hardware/60069-lenovo-lt1423p-review-owner-s-thread.html

      edit : checked on a review, it’s 256 pressure ^^ sorry
      edit 2 : wow… last time I checked the price was 350 $, now it bumped arround 450 – 500 $ errr…

  25. if you buy The MSP19 without the U, you will hate life! it is horrible, I had mine for 30 mins and returned it. If you cannot afford the MSP19U then get 19″ Monoprice tablet for $389, here’s frenden’s review of it. http://frenden.com/tagged/review . If you cannot afford either then a wacom intous or bamboo would be better than the MSP19. The MSP 19 uses Waltop Digitizers which are good for signing your name at best. I have an MSP19U and love it, but if I needed a tablet today I would probably get the 19″ monoprice, it’s cheaper and equal to the MSP 19U.

    1. Totally agree about the msp19 !

      Now I would take some caution about Frenden review of the Monoprice. 🙂
      Since the msp19U all reviews he did became shorter and less complete. I’m not saying he tries to cheat, but he maybe didn’t test it as far as he could. It’s normal he doesn’t have time for that, that’s not his job but knowing he had the msp19u previously I hoped a little more comparison.
      For exemple, why didn’t he shows some pics side to side with the msp19u, so everyone can get an idea about the viewing angles ?

      The tablet probably worth trying it, it has a very good digitizer and the DVI cable definitly is a plus but I had been surprised to see some really bad opinions about it arround the web, that’s why I would put a warning flag about it.

      Here is one of the other review about the Monoprice for exemple : http://surfaceproartist.com/blog/2014/1/29/defective-windows-drivers-cripple-monoprices-interactive-pen-display

      I really wish I could try the Monoprice too and create a full versus review, but they always are “sold out” x(

      edit : corrected some bad-english words, sorry for my so bad english sometime

      1. Interesting point you make there. I hadn’t seen any negative reviews as of yet. Well I guess since many of us have tested and used the MSP19U it is probably still the best option. Thanks.

        Your English is fine BTW

    2. Just wanted to pass this along, It appears that the yiynova msp19u no longer has issues on dual monitor on Sketch book pro 7. I am subscribed to the cloud version and the problem was corrected after I downloaded the update to sketchbook pro.

        1. He-he thanks, I haven’t tried it on the regular downloadable Desktop version, but I would think if it works on the cloud version it will work on the desktop version as well. Also, keep in mind fellas I am using Version 7.0.5, – ( build 437216) the first version of 7 has that dreaded dual monitor bug with the Yiynova MSP19U, it was not until I downloaded an update that it worked … much to my surprise!

  26. Problem with Zbrush is that the Yiynova still works like a mouse. It doesn’t work like a tablet. For example I can only get the pen to register pressure to control Zintensity but not size. This sucks, of course. Yiynova really needs to better their drivers. Also, I’d really enjoy more customization with the pen buttons, as now Yiynova sets what they do – awful.

    1. Well I’m sorry to say that, but you probably have an issue with your drivers or zbrush installation 🙂
      I use the msp19u for sculpting in Zbrush 4R6 (and 4r5 last year) without any problems, brush size and intensity are working fine.

      I do agree about the custom panel being poor, actually I wonder if this isn’t relative to UC-logic technology because a lot of other brand using UC-logic tablet/monitor tech have the same short-choice options…

  27. Thank you for the information! I should read this before I inked in PS dang.
    Just a quick question, how did you make the extended mode work in PS?
    In the extend mode, if I move the pen on the tablet screen, the cursor only move on the laptop screen – if I am drawing on the upper right corner, it only moves on the upper right corner of the laptop screen 0 0

    1. Hello !

      Just make sure in the drivers panel (shortcut will be in the task bar, the little blue icon) you have the yiynova as drawing monitor :p
      In extended mode sometime it didn’t keep the good panel and will clone your movement on the principal monitor instead of drawing onto it’s own ^^ (you will see an image showing your two displays).

      PS isn’t that bad for inking, but I admit it’s much much more confortable in manga studio (and mischief, but the software lack a feeeew usefull tools to become a primary software). Hope you can give it a go one day !

      Hope that helps you 🙂

  28. I need grace. I accidentally plugged the monitor into a new computer without installing the Yiynova drivers. I’m stumped on how to delete the competeing drivers

    1. You can install the drivers afterwards, but in case it still doesn’t work, some software like decrapifier can help you find all pieces and delete them 🙂
      But I think it would be okay if you try to install the drivers anyway, just unplug it so windows do not search for the material while the drivers is installed.

      Let me know if you succeed !

    1. Check “panda city” amazon shop, I think they might try something for the black Friday (if you are not worried about shipment from USA). I know Yiynova opened an european reseller, but I never bought here, mine is from the USA.

  29. Thanks for your detailed opinion. Actually, I’m a Taiwanese and since Yiynova is a Chinese brand, there shouldn’t have been any problem for me to find reviews or information about MSP-19. However, I didn’t find any Chineses website offering such an informative article as yours. (I think I should also thank Google) Your opinion really helps me a lot and I decide to buy this tablet display.

    1. Thank you, sadly a lot a links are broken now as it starts to be old 🙂
      Be aware I talk only about the “U” serie !

      Their new displays are improving at each generation so I’m pretty sure the changes make it better now. I still have a V1, it’s still working great.

      If by bad luck you get one that show some dysfonction, don’t let this discourage you and ask for a replacement. They have good products but I believe they need a bit of improvements about their QA testing :p some black sheeps may disguise themselves and pass the bridge.

  30. I used to use a Lenovo X61t (and a Toshiba before that) — like you, I was in on the TabletPC gig for the art angle. I definitely got a lot of use out of it, but it was always such a *brick* to lug around, pnrlookup.in
    and the battery life very quickly turned terrible. It’d be really sweet to have something with an iPad form-factor that I could use ZBrush on — and it does all its display stuff through software, interestingly enough, so Intel’s integrated graphics are just fine.

    1. Would be surprising if it didn’t work, it’s all new while the msp19 is already “old” tech :).

      To whoever read this post, please take a look at Brad Colbow on youtube, he reviews a lot of tech including xp-pen, huion, wacom and even samsung or microsoft devices. Drawing tech for artist has evolved quite a lot, worth checking it :


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