Musketeer woman

Playing with artrage 4 for some inking drawing. I plan on painting it with digital watercolors tomorrow !



Howler 8 quick drawing

Hey hey ! I’m not (definitly) dead ! New job just take all my time aaah…

I wanted so much to try this new software. It’s called Howler 8 and it’s an artrage/painter-like software. I played with it and currently I just falled in love with the watercolors brush. I wanted to show something nice, but I never find time to work properly. So, here there is just a very quick one, not the better choice maybe but I plan to make a short comics page and use Howler 8 to color it.

Howler8-first test

As soon as I have more time, I will release a little (and illustrated) review of this software. It’s a very interesting one !