For wacom (and others ?) users with some shaky/jitter line with slow strokes

Just wanted to share this topic from, this user find a solution about some jitter-issue caused by windows tablet pc drivers actions.I didn’t have this issue but it’s always good to know some solutions exist “just in case” 🙂

That might be interesting for people trying to disable all windows Tablet PC interaction with their tablet drivers too, here the original post :

Only for windows 7 and 8 !


The little fox reporter


Here is an old friend of mine, I used to draw him years ago, during my studies. His name is “Renardo-porter” and obviously, he is a very energetic reporter. Full of life and always positive, he goes on every subject, even in dangerous place and always succeed in finding informations. And then I find a job and the little guy vanished for a while.
A friend asked me last week what “the little funny fox” was doing right now and I can’t help but think about it. So here he is, running to an interview, probably some politician or very sexy actress !


edit : just cropped a little the size, didn’t even realise it was THAT big !