Basemesh little update

Nothing big here, refined the silhouette to make her less angular, add the arms… I don’t have a lot of time it’s very frustrating to go so slowly x( BaseMesh02_screenshot


Comicon challenge : Basemesh

I promised the 3D update, here a little one.

This is one of the final basemesh step. Why to do a basemesh this way ? Simply because I wanted a correct anatomy with very manga proportions. I admit it wasn’t supposed to be THAT detailed but I ended making a whole puppet and it’s very funny !

Anyway πŸ™‚ next update will be the sculpted body with this one dynamesh-ed !

BaseMesh_screenshotIf you are wondering, the first step was a full body looking lihe the arms, with only cube and spheres. With that you can have a nice idea about how to construct your model but I didn’t think it was cool enough to post it, I will do that on a final screen that show the whole process when the arms will be completed πŸ™‚