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  1. Very nice. Why don’t you find a story that absorbs you? When I was a kid I liked Jean Giraud; Moebius. Not ever into super heroes. Vladimir Propp’s book The Morphology Of The Folktale might be helpful if you would like to create a story from nothing. Hmm.

    BTW. You know software eh. I was wondering. What software enables all your video images look one and the same; KATANA? Say your sources are: stop motion animation; green screen material; still photography; video; film; 3D models; puppet animation; 3D animation… Know what I mean?

    1. I love Moebius, alongside a lot of old comics like Metabaron, or manga like Nausicaa and such it’s one of the inspiration I’m looking up to. Giraud is a true inspiration in creating compelling stories. But let’s face it, the guy is also a freaking good artist at so many level it hurt 🙂

      About software I’m a bit out of the game, if you speak of integrating something in a video and then remove the green background I believe this a feature that can also be found in After Effect ? Then you take the result in Adobe Premiere use the result in your movie. Is that what you where asking ?

      1. Hi there.

        I’ve forgotten what you’re generally doing to put bread on the table or want to do… nevertheless: big fan here.

        I think you’re smart enough to do anything that you want. Hmm. You just need a plan. Incubate. Then hatch eh.

        You’re also a rare breed b/c you’re a STEM person with a strong traditional background in Art and Design. Surprised you’re not day trading. B/c it’s not the smart money who’s pushing the markets up these days according to Wall Street.

        Re Moebius. He’s okay:) But let’s break down his stuff. Uses and prefers certain compositions and figures. Good with subtle gestural meta language. Identifiable color palette applied w watercolor washes. Has a very recognizable way of doing hatching with black ink… And definitely for males. No?

        Re software. My interests have turned to investigating lens design and optics. It began b/c wanted something that I figured I could make rather than buy off the shelf and in the process save some money. But then my curiosity didn’t end. At the same time I began wondering how come certain animated movies that are stop motion and Pixar like animation essentially look the same: software: what software? Foundry? By the way. Historically in the film industry important patents as in intellectual property was created by directors and other skilled crew people b/c they understood that tech leads Art; especially when no such tech exists.

        Anyway. I like animation. If you look at books on “The Unnatural Narrative”‘you’ll understand the great virtue that using the unnatural narrative has for communicating. No?

        Um. Let me see now. The other thing is in this era you can raise venture capital and use crowd sourcing for funding. And you can organize and employ virtual teams.

        Now. Chop chop:)

        1. I think you’ll enjoy this.

          If you have any faves; do pass them on. Hmm.
          BTW. When I wrote to these guys; they were about the only people who didn’t reply; I wondered what software they used.

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