Hello there and welcome on this very unknown blog!

Hello, who are you ?
I’m a former illustrator & 3D artist with a brief-4-years-long carrier in video games.

Former ? What do you do, now ?
I’m officially a full-time software developer! Like, the one that hide behind too many screens and only whisper to servers. But without the cool hoodies from movie show.

Wait, what ??
…they have cookies and <br />. . . Nerd joke. Sorry 😦

-Ok, back to art, what’s your plan?
I would like to come back to my first love : comics. I have a couple stories I want to share…

First step is to get back at a correct drawing level. I only have a couple hours per day available, so it’s a slow process…

I still have a question…
Feel free to ask! If you wish to get in touch, ping me here by filling this very nice and short form:

What’s your name?

What’s your email, so I don’t reply to you by sending a flying pigeon?

How may I help you?

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