Hello there and welcome on this very unknown blog!

Hello, who are you ?
I’m a freelance (former) illustrator & 3D artist with a brief-4-years-long carrier in video games.

Don’t expect my name in any end credits though, on the countless projects and prototypes I worked on, only one was released. Aaaah, all these years of my life doing crunchs… ❤ Wait, no, I don't regret that part actually.

Huh, okay, don’t be bitter… what do you do, now ?
I’m officially a full time software developer now. I work mostly within Microsoft environment and tools. I’m slowly moving toward the artificial intelligence side of the things.

But you do continue to post here, what is your plan ?
First, get back to better drawing abilities. Next… learn how to make comics. And get better at coloring while I am at it! My long term goals are around personal projects and stories. It’s on my free time for now but hey, a couple hours per day is better than no time at all !

I still have a question…
Feel free to ask! If you wish to get in touch, ping me here by filling this very nice and short form:

What’s your name?

What’s your email, so I don’t reply to you by sending a flying pigeon?

How may I help you?

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