Hello there and welcome on this very unknown blog!

I’m a former illustrator & 3D artist with a brief-4-years-long carrier in video games.
I moved to the other “side” and I’m now a software developer that C# without glass, eats cookies and drink<br />. . . Nerd joke. Sorry 😦

Now an happy hobbyist, I would like to come back to my first love : comics. First step is to get back at a correct drawing level. I only have a couple hours per day available, so it’s a slow process…

With my schedule I post whenever I can, so please don’t expect regular updates: I sadly can’t promise you that… I’m sharing finished piece, studies, sometime a few failed attempt… this blog is really my personal space to grow different part of knowledge and track progress.

Meanwhile, please fill free to browse and comment on the existing content !

If you have any question or just want to get in contact, here is a nice form that will come to me through a pigeon.

What’s your name?

What’s your email, so I don’t reply to you by sending a flying pigeon?

How may I help you?

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