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A word about the Yiynova MSP19U

Yeihei for once I write a full text post ! Because I think they are some things I need to share and let the world know, sometime I will try to give a few words about interesting software/hardware.

[edited 27 Jan 2013 : I tested and added some softwares to the test-list in the article and will continue as long as I can. If you are working with a software that is not allready listed here, don’t find any clue on the net about compatibility with the yiynova, you can let me know. As long as it have a windows installer and a trial version, I do not mind to run a test :) I currently run win7 64 bits ]

[update 07 June 2013 : added new tested softwares, added some signs for more visibility]


holmes-iconLet’s begin…

Today it’s about something we all dream, it became true : a cintiq alternative. Come on, don’t be shy, we all thought one day “if only I had the money…

I got mine arround one month ago now, it’s called “MSP19U” (not a very sexy name and too much close to the previous device MSP19 that you MUSN’T CONFUSE with !). It comes from a chinese brand, Yiynova and use the same digitizer than Monoprice tablet.

I will not speak about the technical point, Enupnion, Ray Frenden and pc weenies all did a great job at explaining every pro and cons and I agree with them. They show quite everything you need to know about specifications.

Enupnion : Did the very first review of the msp19U and I thank him so much, I bough mine after reading his blog, sadly this article is now broken… but he did a video about it here that is still working:

Ray Frenden :  (Check is twitter account, he show some piece of work with the Yiynova !)

PC Weenies : And a very impressive inking video :  Plus here some drawings on various softwares showing the pressure sensitivity :

James Colvin youtube review :

Kosen review with some videos and images as exemples [text write in Spanish] :

J.Renteria video review from amazon :

Raph review :

Kim Lyng Larsen :

Lord Rembo :

holmes-iconIs it for real ?

Now, if you are there, you probably are wondering “it look too good to be true, is it really good ?” In my opinion : YES, it’s good.

My comparison devices are intuos 3 & 4 from wacom and a cintiq 21ux I could try for a few hours at my previous work.

Until I had tried it for real, I was so nervous and couldn’t believe it either. But at the minute I could make it work I was sold. Yes, it’s hard to believe someone else than wacom could make a screen digitizer working well, but yes, it’s possible.

If you compare it to the intuos 4, you will find you need to press a little more before getting the first pression information. Actually it’s closer to the intuos 3 at the first level of pressure. If you compare it to a cintiq, well, I don’t know about the 22hd and 24d, but the MSP19U is as good as the 21ux. It’s a little smaller and the resolution is only 1440*900, but honestly the screen is great, colors and contrasts are good. I never found it “lack” some resolution, because everything look sharp and define.

The stylus isn’t heavy even with the AAA battery in it. With battery included it’s between 19 – 24 gr (0.67 – 0.85 ounces) depending your battery brand. (For information, intuos 3 stylus are 18 gr/0.63 oz.)

The feeling on the screen is good, if you never draw on a screen, you will need a little adaptation but you will get used to it in a blink of an eye. The screen is full made of glass, it will offer no resistance to your strokes. If you were using an intuos 4 with their special sheet you may find it a little strange, but at least the glass will not get scracthes in time.

With the 19″ size and considering they are no shortcuts on it, the MSP19U isn’t very big nor heavy, that make it really easy to move arround. With a little organisation you can even work with it on your laps, it’s not very heavy and the screen don’t get hot. The bottom is a little warm but nothing big.

What do you want more ? It’s a very good tool, it have no big default that could be a deal break for a large part of people but some point should be ameliorated in the future :

– The first one is the viewing angle : while working on the Yiynova, you have to be right in front of it. It’s okay if you have a good position but a better angle is always apperciated !

– The next point could be the missing tilt option. I do not use it, but I can imagine it will miss for some painter users.

– No shortcut on the Yiynova nor zoom wheel. I’m a keyboard shortcut addict, I never used (or so rarely) those on my intuos, but I can admit it could be nice if Yiynova add them in the future version. A note about the side buttons on the pen : the driver currently do not allow you to map whatever you want on it. But I bet in a near future people will think about it…

holmes-iconOkay, now can it work properly ?

First, there is absolutly no lag with it, whatever program you try it perform very well. Pression work nicely but you may have to adjust some setting to get it, for example with Illustrator.

They are a some softwares that do not work in dual screen (extended screen mode DualScreen) with the MSP19U, like My paint, Toon Boom or OpenCanvas. You may need to setup your desktop in duplicate screen or solo screen (DuplicateScreen) mode to use them properly until they correct the problem with news drivers.  One more thing, this icon says everything work fine with pressure and more : Greenand this one will be used when something is not totally working : Warning

Photoshop-icon Photoshop : DualScreenGreen

I tried Phosothop CS3, CS5 & CS6 version (32 & 64 bits), it’s perfect ! No soleace, no jitter, smooth pressure, very good precision with my drawing line… About line, if your hand shake a little, the line will shake too. The Yiynova is very accurate and do not forgive any mistake. You get what you draw. If you plan on using photoshop to do some inking (you are courageous or masochist :p) you may have to correct a little some part of your line. I mostly use photoshop for texturing and painting, I’m more than satisfied !

artrage Artrage :  DualScreenGreen

I managed for the very first time to create an inked drawing and found it was very pleasant to play with the line ! Again the pressure is very responsive and accurate, you may be a little surprised and need some adaptation time before getting used to it, but the result worth it. Of course, all other brushes work great too.

SketchBookPro.175x175-75 Sketchbook pro 6 : DualScreenGreen(trial mode)

I have to say it’s very interesting to draw in it. It’s a good software I never really used it by the past and now I think I should try it a little longer. Sketchbook give a real “paper” feeling, I think that’s the software where I felt the most closer to traditionnal. Some users had to tweak brushes a little, for me pression worked at first try.

Warning: some users encounter problems with older version, but it seem you can adjust it by setuping the msp19u in  “duplicate screen” (DuplicateScreen) mode instead of “extended desktop” mode. These problems have to be confirmed, I don’t have any older sketchbook version to test sadly…


SketchBookPro.175x175-75 Sketchbook pro 7 : DualScreenGreen

Looks like Sketchbook pro 7 is working fine with the MSP19U, as long as you have an updated version. Thanks a lot to Alexf for sharing this information !


Adobe-Illustrator-icon Illustrator : Green

I didn’t try it, but I see a youtube video with someone drawing in it (here : It seem you have to turn pressure recognition “on” in a setting to get it work.

Note : according to “Dan Silverman” (Enupnion) : Pressure sensitivity does work in Illustrator with the Yiynova MSP19U. In Illustrator you have to double click on the calligraphic brush you want to use, set Diameter to Pressure (in the drop down) and then set the Variation for Diameter to something other than 0 pt. So, for example, if you have a 15 pt Diameter, set Pressure and set Variation to something like 10 pt, you get a nice variation in pressure when you draw in Illustrator.

Manga-Studio-FX-4-icon Manga studio 5 :Green

Most of the youtube reviewers use it. It work very nicely with the Yiynova 🙂



Clip Studio Paint : DualScreenGreen

This is Manga Studio, under another name. Both software are stricktly identicals. I currently use this one and definitly recommand it for every digital inker, webcomics creator or soft painter. It’s not as powerfull as photoshop for heavy painting (not the same outrageous editing options) but it have perspective grid, verctorised line, the full version also can manage layout and pages, and more… Try it, love it, use it ! It’s one of the msp19U best friend !


mypaint_logo My paint : DuplicateScreenGreen

I have to apologize here, I first thought it was not working but after trying a couple things, I found that the 32bits version could work with the msp19u if you setup you desktop in “duplicate screen” mode. The 64bits version don’t work as far as I tried.

paint_tool_sai_hi_res_icon_by_snowleopard217-d3kdppmSAI :DuplicateScreen Green

I did not test it but it seems it works if you setup your desktop in duplicate mode, not in extended…

Adobe FlashFlash : Green

I haven’t tested yet, Krishna from pc weenies and some users from youtube comments reported Flash working well with the msp19u. Check on top of the article for pc weenies demonstrations links !

corel_painter_12Corel Painter 12 : DualScreenGreen(trial)

Works fine ! (I find myself like a kid again trying all the tools ahah) Very good pressure sensitivity and responsiveness, a pleasure !

IllustudioIllustudio : Green

Looks like it’s not a very popular software (I found it two days ago and that was the first time I heard about it). I tested it out of curiosity, it’s a japanese software for ink/paint purposes. It works very well but a few brushes are laggy. I don’t know if it’s because the smoothing line take hard on my computer, or because I just took an *arranged* version translated in english by users ? Anyway it’s a nice program for inking and drawing, I try to find an official version to confirm the lag on the brushes.

OpenCanvas5[0](Layer2) OpenCanvas  : DuplicateScreenGreen

Works fine, but you have to setup your desktop in duplicate screen mode. Hope this will be solved in the next drivers release, that would be great for a couple softwares ! 🙂

600px-Calligra_Krita_icon.svgKrita : DuplicateScreenGreen

Update ! With the latest version 2.7, Krita is more stable with the msp19U and know run perfectly, one thing is that sadly do not recognize the msp19u with dual screen, so you need to put it in duplicate screen mode for now. Let’s hope next version will be perfect !

MangaLabo-Logo MangaLabo : DuplicateScreenGreen

Works fine but only in duplicate screen mode. It’s another very nice software you would like, especially if you rely a lot on your line drawing. Lots of options, really loved it !

Just a note because I’m not used to it a lot, so it may be because I didn’t setup if properly : each time I changed something in the parameters (size, opacity, tool) I had to clic into the canvas to make it “active” and to be able to paint in it. That was the only point that was annoying with this software, not a big deal !

inkscape-logo Inkscape : DualScreenGreen

A vectorial and free software, very nice one ! It have it’s own specificity, for example there actualy isn’t pressure sensitivity but a velocity sensitivity. You draw a line with your move and speed. It’s quite strange to use but I admit I’m absolutly not used to vectorial stuff 🙂 With the msp19U it targets the stylus very well and it’s very responsive, no lag, no jitter, it’s okay !

ToonBoom-Logo ToonBoom : DualScreenGreen

It work super fine if you try this tip : Thanks a lot to Alex Fernandez for sharing his solution !

Another word, shared by alexattoonboomingAlex in the comments, thanks a lot to him for this new !

Just thought I mentioned a post on the toonboom forums by Prodcut manager Lilly Vogelsan regarding the MSP19u,

“Hi there, Just want to put the official word out that there are a number of people successfully using this tablet (yay!) but that we still don’t officially support it yet. I have had several issues reported to me, particularly with dual monitor setups. I am working with Yiynova to start a relationship that will enable us to work with them to fully support it. As soon as I have official news, I’ll let you know!”

Mischief_icon Mischief : DualScreenGreenThanks to Alexattoonbooming to let us know about this software ! It’s a vector program, very close to sketchbook for the drawing feeling and freedom. An amazing software, very light and responsive with full pressure sensitivity, I tried it just right now and loved it ! Check in the comments for Alex opinion about it 🙂

Howler 8 : GreenI should post a review of this software, it’s a good alternative for people looking for a “painter like” software, it have a really really good brush engine and very good renderer for painterly effect like watercolors. The only downside I founded was about inking brush that were a bit odd, but it really worth to try it ! Find it here :

holmes-iconWhat about 3D ?

Well, I was thinking about a cintiq alternative mostly for drawing (including concept and textures), but I have to say if you try it for sculpting, you can’t be more satisfied. It was the most strange part to get used to, because you never really sculpt on a flat surface in reality. But at the end it save you a lot of time, help you being more precise and add a lot more audacity in your work. The only point that sometimes can bother you is to get used to the minimal distance the digitizer recognizes the pen position, while you are moving some objects do not forget to raise the stylus a little more than 5 mm !

icon_Zbrush DualScreenGreen Zbrush

Just a dream becoming true, it’s soooo much easier to work with a direct-on-screen drawing than a tablet ! Faster, stronger, just love my new way of doing sculpt !


Same as Zbrush !


I use 3dcoat mainly for texturing, everything was working so far and texturing is much faster and easy now (still 3dcoat was one of those software that help you so much for all kind of steps, now it’s just a killing machine)

I remember seeing 120px-Luxology_Modo_IconGreen

Luxology Modo mentionned as a working software too (Enupnion use it). Never tried it but I plan to give it a shot one day. Lots of people gave me very good feedback about it for environment modelisation and animation.

Blender Blender : DualScreenGreen

I’m absolutly not a blender user but the msp19u works fine with it for the tests I did, move, rotation, even write a comment in the scene was okay and working with pressure sensitivity. However I need to find a texture tutorial to do a real proper test.

icon_Mudbox Mudbox 2013 : DualScreenGreen

Mudbox works fine ! I hadn’t test it for long but so far it’s perfect, good pressure sensitivity, very good accuracy, green !

Maya-logo Maya 2012 : DualScreenWarning

Maya works fine too, I did a quick and basic mod with it, it’s okay !
I tried the paint texture tool inside it to see if the pressure sensitivity was okay, but for some reason, it was working randomly. I don’t know if it comes from the tool itself or not, maya recognize the pressure but on some part of the texture it was not responsive. I just want to let you know that fact, it works perfectly and correctly 90% of the time but when it come to texture tool, you may expect some strange effect.

MARI_logoMari The Foundry : DuplicateScreenGreen

If you don’t know this program, you absolutly should try it ! It’s a photoshop alike for 3D painting. It’s (very) much expensive than 3Dcoat, but you have amazing tools in it ! But sadly Mari do not actually works in dual screen mode. It’s sad because all the interface stuff, navigation, move, rotate and so works perfectly in “normal” mode. Problems start when you try to paint, the cursor seems to be far off on the left.
The only current solution for that is to setup your desktop in one screen mode (aka : duplicate screen) and you can use it fully without issue !


I definitly recommend the Yiynova for student or pro on the budget. Yes, I plan to offer one to my sister and think it’s good for everyone who need an alternative. Wacom have solid reputation and there device last long, but they are so priced they are really difficult to afford for common people. I hope my Yiynova MSP19U will follow me a couple of years but you can’t tell for now. I see no reason why it would die on me, I plan to take a good care of it 😉

Right now with tablet pc running Win 8 a couple more devices can push a little the market. I hope we will see some innovation in the near future, for now we have a nice alternative but some others exist : check Bosto kingtee, P-Active…

For those who are from USA, Pandacity on will ship you the Yiynova. For French and Belgium people, you can find it on with 2 years warranty or cheaper on For UK it’s now on For every other European people, looks like they just open a new shop in Netherland that ship everywhere…

For international shipping like Canada, I asked Pandacity and they sent me to one of their reseller (cumorah-enterprises-llc)… you can contac them, they are really nice and helpfull peoples !

holmes-iconA piece of warning…

…about drivers fighting each other. If you previously installed Wacom drivers, you will have to uninstall every piece of it ! The windows uninstall program do not remove it completly, as a result the tablet will act strangely and you will think it’s broken (part of the screen not responding, cursor running freely, lag, no pressure recognition…) You may need to use a tierce software to find everything or use the search tool and manually delete the components. Also, windows sometime can be annoying by trying to install its own drivers. To avoid that, do not plug the Yiynova while installing/removing drivers and always reboot after !

Hope that can help you make a choice !